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Business Advisors Debut Free eBook: “Advanced Issues in Redistribution”



The business advisors at Franklin Foodservice Solutions debut a new eBook, “Advanced Issues in Redistribution”, in an effort to educate Food manufacturers about how to profit from the use of redistributors.

Dave Dewalt - Owner
Franklin Foodservice Solutions
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Sanibel, FL (January 3, 2012) Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a group of business advisors based in Sanibel, FL, announce the debut of their latest eBook, “Advanced Issues in Redistribution”. In keeping with the company’s goal of providing a place for food service sales, marketing and supply chain professionals to go when they have issues or opportunities to improve their business, this eBook is a wonderful resource for those looking to understand redistribution and the impact it can have on your business.

With easy to understand explanations of redistribution programs and links to price structure, small order customers, food service supply chains and redi allowances, Franklin Foodservice Solutions offers those in the business a wealth of insight and knowledge. The eBook also answers questions about frequency, buying direct, and price bracketing for food manufacturers and others in the foodservice industry.

“I have worked in the food industry since 1974. I started as a dishwasher, held several foodservice and sales management positions and in 1996 started Franklin Foodservice Solutions with the goal of serving food industry clients on a variety of strategic, marketing and distribution-related projects,” says company owner Dave DeWalt. “Information really is power and, with it, possibilities abound.”

The company published this new eBook in an effort to provide those in the foodservice industry, and the general public, with a better understanding of food redistribution programs and the issues surrounding them. According to the information provided in the eBook, properly-structured redistribution programs represent a reduction in logistics and transaction costs, and open new volume opportunities. This is just one of the many insights offered by those at Franklin Foodservice Solutions.

DeWalt added, “Who doesn’t want to reduce their costs and build their business? Our company is action-oriented and pragmatic; releasing this new eBook is just one of the ways we empower our clients to succeed.”

The eBook, Advanced Issues in Redistribution, is currently available to the public and free to download. The public can also access the company’s monthly newsletters and earlier eBooks “Product Line Optimization” and “Top 10 Mistakes Food Manufacturers Make in Food Redistribution” by visiting Franklin-Foodservice.com/ebooks.

About Franklin Foodservice Solutions:
Since 1996, the business advisors at Franklin Foodservice Solutions have been specializing in helping manufacturers build profit by linking sales and marketing decisions with Supply Chain realities. Their latest offerings include cost-to-serve analysis, pricing structure redesign, redistribution strategy, and product line optimization. For more information, call (239) 395-2787.


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