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DeWalt to Speak on "Responding to the New World of Foodservice Broker Agencies"


SANIBEL, Fla. - Dave DeWalt, President of Franklin Foodservice Solutions, will be addressing the IFMA Marketing and Sales Leaders Forum on August 14th in Houston, Texas. DeWalt’s session is motivated by significant upheaval in the structure of the foodservice broker industry over the past several years, and is designed to help foodservice manufacturers understand:

  1. What happened and why
  2. How they should select brokers based on the new realities
  3. How they should manage brokers in the new world
Dave DeWalt
Dave DeWalt

“The dust is finally beginning to settle on the consolidation of foodservice broker agencies, and the landscape looks very different than it did 5 years ago” says DeWalt. “Foodservice manufacturers, distributors, and the agencies themselves are just beginning to come to grips with new relationships, new definitions of old concepts, and new ways of doing business. This session will provide a framework for understanding the new world and will offer suggestions to help manufacturers benefit from the emerging structures and capabilities.”

The IFMA Marketing and Sales Leaders Forum will take place August 13th and 14th in Houston. Additional Conference and Registration information is at https://www.ifmaworld.com/events/marketing-sales-leaders-forum/

About Franklin Foodservice Solutions

Franklin Foodservice Solutions has become nationally recognized for its ability to tackle a wide range of challenges for foodservice manufacturers. In addition to developing customized distribution strategies and programs for many major manufacturers, Mr. DeWalt regularly speaks and leads seminars on a variety of foodservice topics, and is known for his monthly “Foodservice Marketing Insights” newsletter, which is delivered to over 1,000 subscribers.

More recently, Dave published Navigating the Foodservice Channel, a book designed to explain the structure and workings of the foodservice industry, including conflicts among channel members.
In addition to his consulting work, Dave founded and facilitated the Independent Agency Alliance, a consortium of foodservice brokers that works together to address common business issues. He also founded and facilitates the Foodservice Supply Chain Alliance, a group which meets regularly to collaborate on supply chain issues and conduct studies.

Dave has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University, and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He and his wife live in Sanibel, Florida.


About IFMA

Established in 1952, The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) is a leading foodservice trade association comprising more than 300 of the world's most prestigious food, equipment and supply manufacturers in the $600 billion foodservice industry. Membership also includes marketing service organizations, trade publications, distributors and brokers. IFMA provides information and insights that enable members to discover the best opportunities. A series of member directed programs connect members with their peers, supply chain partners and customers, enabling them to network and dialogue. Finally, a host of mission critical industry initiatives bring members best practices to optimize business strategies.

Our Vision: to provide our member community and industry partners the opportunity to enhance the consumer's enjoyment of the foodservice choice.

Our Mission: to enable our member community to focus on critical issues affecting their businesses and the industry


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