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Foodservice Consultants Announce Free Webinar, “Getting SKU Rationalization Right”



Foodservice Consultants, Franklin Foodservice Solutions is hosting a free webinar in conjunction with Answer Systems entitled “Getting SKU Rationalization Right”. Webinar will air online at 2pm EST on April 20, 2011. Attendees may register at info.answerssystems.com/getting-sku-rationalization-right

Dave DeWalt
Franklin Foodservice Solutions
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Fort Myers, FL (April 20, 2011) Foodservice consultants, Franklin Foodservice Solutions will be hosting a free webinar to air online at 2pm EST on April 20, 2011. The webinar, entitled “Getting SKU Rationalization Right”, will be led by Franklin Foodservice Solutions Owner, Dave DeWalt. It will be held in conjunction with Answers Systems, a large Foodservice Industry company providing contract management software and solutions to leading food industry and hospitality brands.

“With the foodservice business in a no-growth to slow-growth phase, everyone in the supply chain is looking at cost reduction opportunities," said Dave DeWalt, Owner, Franklin Foodservice Solutions. “One cost that is often overlooked is the cost of complexity driven by too many slow-moving items. Both manufacturers and distributors can simplify their operations, improve service levels, and put more money on the bottom line with an intelligent approach to product line rationalization.”

In the upcoming webinar, Dave DeWalt will address many issues facing food manufacturers, including ways to streamline operations and compensate for escalating fuel and commodity costs. DeWalt has helped many manufacturers achieve successful results through his Product Line Optimization process, and has gained a wealth of information through years spent analyzing SKU rationalization projects. He will be discussing some of the frustrations and barriers that SKU Rationalization projects can often lead to, and how food manufacturers can effectively overcome these hurdles.

Those who wish to attend the free webinar may register online at info.answerssystems.com/getting-sku-rationalization-right

For more information about Dave DeWalt and Franklin Foodservice Solutions, visit www.franklin-foodservice.com or call (239) 395-2787.

About Franklin Foodservice Solutions:
Since 1996, Foodservice consultants, Franklin Foodservice Solutions have been specializing in helping manufacturers build profit by linking Sales and Marketing decisions with Supply Chain realities. Their latest offerings include cost-to-serve analysis, pricing structure redesign, redistribution strategy, and product line optimization. For more information, call (239) 395-2787 or visit www.franklin-foodservice.com.

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