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Foodservice Consulting Firm Debuts eBook: "Straight Talk About Foodservice Pricing"



Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a food service consulting firm based in Sanibel, Florida, has released the new complimentary eBook, Straight Talk About Foodservice Pricing, providing manufacturers insights for improving profitability.

Dave DeWalt
Franklin Foodservice Solutions
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SANIBEL, FLORIDA (June 26, 2012) Improving profitability, particularly in a tough economy, has become essential to the health of any company and is a significant challenge to those in the foodservice industry. Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a foodservice consulting firm based in Sanibel, Florida, offers their knowledge and experience to manufacturers wanting to understand supply chain costs, fine tune prices and programs and build up their company’s bottom line. In keeping with Franklin Foodservice Solutions’ desire to provide specialized professional service, the company has written the complimentary eBook, Straight Talk about Foodservice Pricing.

“Pricing is one of the most effective levers for improving profitability, but most companies do not have that lever firmly under control,” says company owner Dave DeWalt. “We published this eBook in order to put some common foodservice pricing issues on the table, so manufacturers can discuss them internally and develop a more coherent price strategy.”

This eBook is a ready resource for those in the industry, with commentaries about pricing strategies, the cost-to-serve equation, FOB issues, effective logistics and more. With an easy to understand explanation of a properly designed price bracket structure, access to a free Foodservice Price Structure Overview and Foodservice Price Management Audit template, Franklin Foodservice Solutions presents proven and effective tools to improve a business’ price management processes.

“Times are hard and increasing profitability is essential, so we created the Foodservice Price Management Audit template. It helps users find the dollars that are being lost due to disconnects among the various departments and processes. Manufacturers can use the template to trace what is going on with all of their various types of prices, such as branded/national, contract prices, formula prices, and bids,” added DeWalt. “Those companies who can figure out new ways to deal with high costs and low demand during the hard times will be around and stronger in the better days to come.”

Straight Talk About Foodservice Pricing is currently free to download on Franklin Foodservice Solutions’ website. Food manufacturers, marketers, and sales people can access the expertise of a food service consultant who has invested more than 30 years in the industry. DeWalt routinely works with large corporations and facilitates the Independent Agency Alliance Share Group, a consortium of foodservice brokers that works together to address common business issues. In addition, Franklin Foodservice Solutions facilitates the Foodservice Supply Chain Alliance, a group of Supply Chain professionals from various manufacturers. These activities keep his skills sharpened and his insights into the foodservice industry fresh and relevant. The public can also access the company’s monthly newsletters, the detailed summary report “A New Look at Cost-to-Serve” and earlier eBooks such as “Advanced Issues in Redistribution” by visiting Franklin-foodservice.com/ebooks.

Since 1996, Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a food service consulting firm based in Sanibel, Florida, has been specializing in helping manufacturers build profit by linking Sales and Marketing decisions with Supply Chain realities. Their latest offerings include cost-to-serve analysis, pricing structure redesign, redistribution strategy, and product line optimization. For more information, call (239) 395-2787.


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