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Foodservice Consultants Debut New eBook: Understanding Jan-San Redistribution



Franklin Foodservice Solutions (a group of foodservice consultants based in Sanibel, FL) announce the publication and debut of their latest eBook, “Understanding Jan-San Redistribution: A Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors."

Dave DeWalt
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August 10, 2011 – Fort Myers, FL – The foodservice consultants at Franklin Foodservice Solutions, announce the publication and debut of the their latest eBook, Understanding Jan-San Redistribution: A Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors. The eBook is currently available for purchase online at Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Sony Reader Store , and on iTunes. The guide is written for Jan-San (Sanitary Supply) manufacturers who are exploring the opportunity to go to market via wholesalers, as well as those who have a long history of working with wholesalers.

“Our primary intent is to help Jan-San manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors create programs which will foster long-term success for all parties,” said Dave DeWalt, President Franklin Foodservice Solutions. “This manual pinpoints real economic and supply chain efficiencies. Understanding Jan-San Redistribution is a quantitative educational tool assisting both Distributors and Manufacturers in making fair, balanced, and informed business decisions about buying/selling through wholesalers.”

Understanding Jan-San Redistribution: A Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors provides in depth information about using a wholesaler and understanding how wholesaler redistribution works in regard to janitorial and sanitary supply products. It discusses everything from economic case studies to profiles of SSWA wholesalers. The book also outlines detailed strategies for building an effective redistribution program for both distributors and manufacturers.

Key issues addressed in the manual are: Manufacturer revenues and costs compared for Direct vs. Wholesaler sales; Distributor costs compared for Direct vs. Wholesaler purchases; Structuring of Manufacturer/Wholesaler programs to reflect and maximize value of Re-D; Appropriate growth expectations/trends for Manufacturers entering Re-D program; and Impact on Manufacturer/Distributor relationships.

About the Author:
Dave DeWalt is President of Franklin Foodservice Solutions, a firm that serves food industry clients on a variety of strategic, marketing and distribution-related projects. Dave is widely recognized as an expert on the subject of redistribution. He has been published in Food Logistics magazine, and has conducted redistribution workshops for the Foodservice Sales and Marketing Association and the Chain Purchasing Conference. Dave also publishes the monthly Foodservice Marketing Insights newsletter (free subscription required).

Prior to launching Franklin Foodservice Solutions, Mr. DeWalt was an Associate with A.T. Kearney, serving clients including Sara Lee Bakery, Unilever Foods, and General Motors. Food industry experience includes fifteen years in Marketing, Sales, and Executive positions with Sara Lee Bakery, Vlasic Foods, and Awrey Bakeries. Dave has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University, and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

About Franklin Foodservice Solutions:
Since 1996, the foodservice consultants at Franklin Foodservice Solutions have been specializing in helping manufacturers build profit by linking sales and marketing decisions with Supply Chain realities. Their latest offerings include cost-to-serve analysis, pricing structure redesign, redistribution strategy, and product line optimization. For more information, call (239) 395-2787 or visit www.Franklin-Foodservice.com.


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