Business Consultants

“Dave DeWalt has been a tremendous asset to me and my company.  His problem solving ability has helped me to complete my projects on time and under budget.  He has produced high impact results for me on more than one occasion”

VP Sales, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

“A realistic approach without the bluster of over promising on the outcomes”

Sr. VP, Foodservice Sales

"Dave has helped improve both our top-line and bottom-line results. He is versatile, efficient, and brings a positive attitude that rubs off on our people. Best of all he is a man of genuine integrity."

CEO, Midsized Foodservice Manufacturer

Product Line Optimization Specialists

“Franklin Foodservice Solutions has done an excellent job of spearheading several major projects that added incremental revenue to our profit line. Their focus and cross-functional knowledge make them a perfect outsource organization to accelerate the completion of projects.”

VP Foodservice Sales, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

Cost to Serve Experts

“Exceeded our expectations in time to complete and most importantly with actionable items that took significant cost out of our system.”

Sr. VP FS Sales, Midsized Manufacturer

Foodservice Consultants

“When you need some clear thinking on a multifaceted foodservice problem, Dave’s your man. He works up winning solutions by crystallizing the real issues based on his 'in-the-trenches' understanding of how it all works.”

CEO, Midsized Foodservice Manufacturer/Distributor

"Not afraid to challenge and push to drive the right behavior and right result.”

Sr. VP, Foodservice Sales

“I would enjoy working with Dave again as I have always appreciated his personal priorities and honest way of approaching business."

National Sales Manager, Foodservice Manufacturer

“Dave is very professional and thorough. He provided solid conclusions and recommendations based on well-researched facts. Dave was comfortable moving forward without having complete direction, and was at ease dealing with a variety of situations involving field sales, brokers, customers, and headquarters executives.”

Sr. Product Manager, Global Food Manufacturer

“Dave provided terrific advice to the management and board of our company under challenging circumstances, including a management team initially resistant to outside assistance. With a well thought out work plan, demonstrated expertise in marketing, and inclusion of management in planning and execution, Dave produced an outstanding strategy that focused our company on a clear path to growth.

The board and management embraced Dave’s recommendations, and their implementation led to growth of 30% in sales and considerably enhanced profitability.  We would like to work with Dave again.”

Owner and Board Member, Midsized Foodservice Manufacturer

"I think of Dave as a ‘roll up your sleeves, get the job done’ guy who companies can use when they have limited resources.”

Corporate Supply Chain Manager, International Food Manufacturer

Redistribution Consultants

“Dave is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the foodservice world. His special emphasis on redistribution strategies is really helpful for a manufacturer's understanding of that important aspect of the industry. Dave is a practical, hands-on straight shooter who works hard to deliver the best for his clients.”

VP, $2Billion Foodservice Manufacturer

Supply Chain Consultants

"Dave did great work, and really helped light the way for us."

VP Supply Chain, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

Business Advisors

“Dave DeWalt is a very competent business advisor who adds value to his clients by his candor and thorough understanding of the foodservice business. He is unafraid to deliver bad news to management when appropriate and always provides several options as solutions to business problems.”

President, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

“Dave is very quantitative and understands how and where manufacturers, distributors, redistributors and operators make money so he offers solutions that are balanced and have a high probability of success because all stakeholders are considered in the solution.”

President, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

SKU Rationalization Experts

“Dave is a seasoned business executive who has been involved in most any type of business situation you can think of.  He has helped turn companies around that lacked sales growth and momentum, helped reduce costs and improved their competitive position in the marketplace and has also built solid business plans and strategies with the executive teams of his clients.  Dave is not only a "fixer," he is a builder.  He has a work ethic and demeanor that gains respect of the management and is immediately considered a member of the inside team.”

CEO, Major Foodservice Manufacturer

Foodservice Redistribution Experts

"Dave is a redistribution expert that truly understands the value it brings to the supply chain. We value our relationship with Dave and the experience he brings to the foodservice industry."

President, Foodservice Redistribution

Logistics Consultants

"The projects that we have worked on with Franklin-Foodservice over the past several years have enabled us to think differently about many of our customer service processes and policies.  Benchmarking and Cost-to-Serve analysis has created a baseline for measurement of improvement, as well as tracking of order and logistics related costs.  Finding industry benchmarking data for Food Service in this area has been difficult to impossible, but the work done by Franklin-Foodservice has finally brought forth some of this critical insight."

Vice President, Operations

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